Having great credit is more important
than ever. But why work with us?

1. Personal Account Manager:

An Account Manager will be assigned to you from the beginning. You will be working with ONE Person, ‘Never’ will you be shuffled from one person or department to another.

2. Scrutinizing your credit details:

The Account Manager will evaluate every item of your reports to find out what exactly is keeping your score from increasing positively. Items can be Overdue/Late payments, Investigations/Queries on your credit report, Charge-Offs, Repossessions, Bankruptcy, Tax Lien or Foreclosure.

3. Approaching the relevant agencies:

The Account Manager will contact the credit bureaus and remove inaccuracies on your credit report. This process involves correspondence and Negotiations with the big three credit agencies, TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax, and other creditors.

4. Constant feedback:

As we keep working on the negative items on your credit report, the Account Manager will update your Personal Account Web Page through the online portal.

5. Reanalyze the report and repeat the process:

As we keep working on the negative items on your credit report, the Account Manager will update your Personal Account Web Page through the online portal.

Services include:

Personalized Dispute Options to Fit Your Exact Credit Repair Needs.

An Experienced Account Manager Working Personally With You throughout The Process

Custom Dispute Letters Submitted On Your Behalf.

Access to Your Case Status and Updated Information - 24 Hours A Day / 7 Days A Week.

We have an excellent track
record in helping clients
improve their credit scores:

A better credit score means you can qualify for lower interest rates on loans. While a 20-point increase might not seem much, it can potentially help you save thousands of dollars in interest on car payments, mortgage, and credit cards. Despite the importance of a credit score in determining a major chunk of all your financial decisions, many are unaware of some common causes of bad credit. By failing to stick to a credit card agreement, declaring bankruptcy, choosing the wrong credit card, paying the minimum requirement each month for your loans, being a victim of identity theft, as well as having no credit history can result in a low credit score that will ultimately impede any financial decisions you make regarding mortgage payments, employment opportunities, and interest rates. 

If you think your credit score needs a quick fix, get in touch with a reliable credit score repair service right away! Oak Credit Repair is one of the leading bad credit help companies in the USA owing to the expert credit score repair services as well as a free credit analysis it offers to new clients. Our affordable and fast credit repair services have a proven track record of helping clients raise their credit scores quickly and effectively to give you better purchasing power.

​Average Client’s Credit Score Increase in 6 months:

160 Points

Average Score Increase in 35 days:

  • 10 points or more 93%
  • 20 points or more 71%
  • 50 points or more 25%
  • 100 points or more 15%

Average Score Increase in 90 days:

  • 10 points or more 97%
  • 20 points or more 87%
  • 50 points or more 40%
  • 100 points or more 25%

We guarantee results
or your money back!

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We guarantee results
or your money back!