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Poor Credit Scores and Marriage—What’s the Connection?

Getting married comes with a wide range of financial responsibilities and roles, and it’s important that you understand the implication of your decisions before making this lifelong commitment.

While a poor credit score won’t affect your partner’s stellar record or score, or vice versa, it’s not as straightforward as one would assume. You don’t automatically become responsible for eachother’s debt, scores, or bills, but you’re not entirely in the clear either. Like any other partnership, there’s a lot to understand about marriage, too, so let’s take a look at some factors.

How credit reports and scores work for couples

The good news is, credit histories and scores remain individual because they’re tied to your personal social security number. No change in marital status, name, or other biographical data will affect that, so your score is solely indicative of your financial decisions and standing.

This is primarily because your credit history before getting married is complex and includes various details from your student debt to your credit card bills, lines, and other information that lenders, creditors, and other financial and professional institutions may look at when making certain decisions.

In essence, nothing in your history changes as an individual, but it’s still important that you know about eachother’s loans, credit history, and other major financial indicators before getting married because they can have an impact on your combined financial future.

Marriage is about making important financial decisions together and dealing with the stress

Ways your partner’s poor credit score affects you

While your individual credit score will remain unaffected if your partner has debt, or you marry someone with a high credit score, it’s important to note that joint financial decisions such as applying for a loan together, buying a car together, renting or buying a home together, and even buying insurance as a couple can be more challenging.

A negative credit score makes lenders, landlords, creditors see you as a liability and thus will either charge higher premiums, down payments, and interest rates or flat out reject your application. A lot of jobs also turn down applications from people with bad credit scores.

In building a life together, it’s important that both partners show up and take responsibility for their financial security and health. Your joint investments and decisions as a couple are at stake, and your partner should not be held responsible. In those cases, it might be best that the spouse with a stronger credit history take on the loan themselves.

Improving your credit score for financial security

Financial stability is undeniably a cornerstone in any happy, secure marriage. If one partner is drowning in debt, can’t manage payments, or makes poor financial decisions, it inevitably takes a toll on your relationship and household, especially if you’re jointly borrowing money or holding accounts.

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