How Can I Check My Credit Score for Free?

When it comes to your finances, your credit score is arguably the most important number there is – and these days, it’s easier than ever to check. Prior to applying for a mortgage, personal loan or new credit card, it’s important to know your credit score. It will give you insight into the kind of interest rate you can realistically expect and the products you may qualify for.

Moreover, checking your credit score will not damage it, so it’s a wise to get into the habit of checking it regularly – even if you’re not applying for credit. As a matter of fact, simply checking your credit is an effective way of improving it. If you notice your score has suddenly decreased, it may alert you to potential errors on your report or fraudulent activity.
Here’s a brief guide to how you can check your credit score for free.

Which Credit Score Should You Check?

According to experts, there are two different credit scores you should keep track of: your FICO credit score and VantageScore credit score. These two scores will give you an accurate picture of what your creditors will see. But you can never tell which score a prospective lender is going to pull out. However, these two scores are most commonly used.

Free Resources for Checking Your Credit Source

Most major credit card companies provide their cardholders with free credit score access, making it simple and easy to check your score regularly. Some issuers, like Discover and Citi provide free FICO scores, while cardholders such as Capital One and Chase provide free VantageScores.
It takes less than five minutes to check your credit score online. You simply log in to your credit card issuer’s website and navigate towards the credit score section, where there’s typically a dashboard that lists your score and all the factors influencing it.
VantageScore and Fico pull your credit score from one of the three main credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian, or Equifax. The following are some free credit score resources that can be accessed online, regardless of whether you’re a cardholder or not:

  • CreditWise from Capital One: Free VantageScore from TransUnion
  • Chase Credit Journey: Free VantageScore from TransUnion
  • Discover Credit Scorecard: Free FICO Score from Experian

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