Do Credit Repair Programs Actually Work?

Do Credit Repair Programs Actually Work?

Your credit score can be anywhere between 300 and 850, and is an indicator of your borrowing power.

Put simply, a good credit score allows you to borrow from lenders at lower interest rates. A poor credit score—typically below 670—indicates that banks and other lending institutions won’t offer you competitive interest rates due to your history of late payments and/or defaults.

People with low credit scores often ask whether credit repair programs actually work. Here’s everything you need to know about our credit repair program, and all the services that our credit repair consultants can provide you with.

What does a credit repair company do?

Our credit repair services are affordable, and are guaranteed to improve your credit score. From the very beginning, a personal account manager will be assigned to you.

This account manager will handle all exchanges with credit reporting organizations. Our credit repair consultants are very hands-on, and will explain each aspect of the process to you to ensure complete transparency.

How do credit repair companies function?

Credit repair companies require you to submit a copy of your credit score report from the three major consumer credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

We review your reports, looking for any tax liens, bankruptcies, and charge-offs. We then set a plan in motion to dispute each of these errors, and negotiate with credit companies to get these items removed from your reports.

We also ask past lenders to provide us with verification for all the information they’ve provided to the bureau, and dispute any negative remarks made erroneously on your report. If you’re under fire from debt collectors, we send cease-and-desist letters to them on your behalf.

How much does a credit repair service cost?

Our credit repair service is extremely affordable, and costs only $85 a month. The process of repairing your credit score typically takes us just three or four months.

We monitor your progress 24/7, and you can outsource all conversations with lenders and credit bureau companies to your project manager.

We guarantee results, and if you don’t achieve the results we’ve promised you, you get your money back. If you want to save enough to buy a car or a house, you can do that with the improved credit score we’ll help you build.

Oak Credit Repair offers affordable and fast credit repair services in Michigan. If you’re looking to hire a credit repair expert, contact us today.

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