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5 Tips for Preventing Identity Theft

Did you know 14.4 million consumers became victims of identity fraud in 2019?

Identity theft happens when someone obtains your personal information and credentials to commit fraud. There are different kinds of identity theft, but one that’s most common in the U.S. is financial identity theft.

Here are some ways you can prevent this:

1. Put A Fraud Alert On Your Account

Nowadays, cybercrime is becoming popular; most mobile phones and social media apps have a fraud alert to prevent a third party from accessing your personal information.

Using fraud alert on all your accounts will ensure that it’s actually you who’s accessing a new account. This might have a security PIN or a phrase that will help you keep your data safe.

2. Monitor Your Credit Score

A credit freeze might stop someone from opening a new account in your name, but this can’t prevent them from accessing your current account.

Keeping a regular check on your credit report and score is essential. In case you notice any unusual activities, you can immediately take action and control the extent of the damage.

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3. Discard Any Private Records 

Your credit card statements or receipts contain private information that can cause trouble if caught by the wrong person. Tear or shred these papers and discard them right away.

When leaving an ATM, make sure you carry the receipt along with you and don’t leave it behind.

4. Hide Your Social Security Number 

Don’t carry your social security card in your wallet; if this number goes in the wrong hands, your credit can be damaged.

We also recommend not writing this number down on any paper, saving it on your phone, or entering it in on a website that’s not secured. Also, when giving this number to customer service, do it privately and be vigilant about ensuring that no one’s eavesdropping.

5. Watch Your Credit Accounts

Along with monitoring your credit report, be sure to watch your credit card activity as well. If there’s any suspicious purchase, you know there’s a third party involved.

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